Working from Home: How to File Your Tax Return


Have you been working from home for the past year or so, or have you finally took that giant step, quit your job and opened your own business, whichever circumstance you find yourself in this tax year there are a few things you should know in regards to claiming your home office on your tax return. In Canada the CRA have made a few changes in the way that you can file. If you’ve been working from home, whether it was mandated by your company or you are self-employed. Follow the link to read what the CRA are asking you to do and which forms you will need to fill out to file your tax. =>


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So, before you go and prepare the paperwork to file your taxes for 2021, let’s see what you can claim and how you go about it:


Let’s take a look at your home office and what you can claim based on how you use that space:


1. In all cases the space you work in at home must be used regularly and exclusively for your work or business.


2. If you are employed by a company then you will need to obtain a signed T2200 from your employer. Also stating that half the time you perform your job at your home or use a home office exclusively for earning income.


3. There are 2 ways to file for the space that you use in your home. One of those ways is a temporary flat fee of $2 per day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will cover all your home office expenses. If you prefer not to use the $2 flat fee per day, then the CRA has a calculator you can use. Please click the following link for more information:


4. Internet connection is an obvious necessity these days for working from home. You are able to deduct a portion of your internet expense when it comes to filing your tax. Your accountant will know how to work this out and the portion you are eligible to claim.


5. Telephone service is also a deductible expense you can claim. Again, it boils down to what percentage you use for your work, or better still if you have a work phone then this is completely deductible.


6. Office Supplies like pens, ink, paper etc. Anything that is used in your home office for your job or business is also deductible. Keeping receipts is key to making sure you get the full amount included in your tax filing.

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When it comes to claiming expenses that you accrued while working from home it is important to be reasonable. Claiming for what it is you are entitled is an important part of the conversation you should be having with your accountant or tax advisor. They are the professionals and will guide you accordingly.


Finding a professional that can take the worry off your hands and file your tax return efficiently and effectively within the rules of the CRA is an important part of getting the best return you possibly can.

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